New Life…

I have always wanted to start a Blog, I’m not sure how this works. But here we go, If i was to start this like a Facebook profile i would tell you my age and what i like. But i will just skip all that and get straight to the point. My name is Carl Justin Martin, i am 28 years old from Brookfield Ohio, but live in Austintown Ohio. My child-hood wasn’t the best,and life hasn’t been easy, I never really was the center of attention type of kid. Honestly if you ask anybody that knew me they tell you i was a bad kid. I got into a lot of trouble as a kid. I can’t blame anybody fully because i knew what i was doing, but the reason i was acting out wasn’t completely my fault, But all of this was when i was a child.

Like i said i am 28, and i still do childish things. I mean i still ride Bmx and some would said that i ride little Kids bikes but that is a whole other subject all together lol.

On July 17, 2014 at 11:30 i found out that i was going to become a father….chopperbaby